What is your shipping policy?

Our company ships through USPS and the amount charged depends on your location.Processing time is 5-7 business days(which doesn't include weekends) from the date the order is placed after which orders are shipped out.This processing time is based on the high volume of orders,the inspection and packaging of your bundles purchased, as well as the time it takes payments to clear on our end.

This is a no exception policy. If processing time is faster per your order your items will ship even sooner.Delivery time by way of USPS is 1-3 business days depending on destination. Holidays can affect shipping. Shipping confirmation and tracking will be made available once order is shipped. We submit all tracking into Paypal who then in turn emails you with all related information pertaining to your purchase. This may take up to 24 hours for that information to be available for you so please have patience, via Paypal. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us IMMEDIATELY!